What happens when you mix a professional comedian, experienced corporate speaker and a fitness specialist with a wide range of successful experience? You get “The Weight Whisperer” and a Fit & Funny Seminar!

At a Fit & Funny Seminar, you will laugh and learn the key components to accomplishing a goal that may now seem impossible:  Finding your own unique path to control your weight, lower health care costs, find a work-out that works out and lasting motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Deep down, you know the truth.  There are no quick fixes, magic pills, potions, lotions, secret weight loss moves, gyms or “gee whiz” exercise gadgets that are going suddenly make you healthier, lean, and strong.  But a simple plan that fits your lifestyle done consistently works every time!

I know you are probably skeptical.  How could a seminar possibly help you, your company or your group get control of weight issues, find a personal recipe for fitness and motivate you to permanently change for good?  Let me give you 3 good reasons why my Fit & Funny Seminars really work:  Entertainment, Education, and Motivation.

Permanent weight control, fitness, and adopting a healthier lifestyle are vitally important messages that can be a deeply sensitive topic for people of all sizes and abilities. Laughter, presenting a positive and upbeat message, can create a very comfortable atmosphere where everyone can learn.
I use my experience as a former stand-up comedian to present a sound and proven health and fitness message in a way that people can really hear.  The material is always taught with a professional comedic flair, yet always in good taste and never at the expense of anyone in the audience.

You may not believe it now, but losing weight and getting fit is not as difficult as you think.  Anyone can enjoy a leaner, healthier, more toned body if they just understand a few basic fundamental principals about finding their own unique formula for eating and fitness. “One size” does not fit all!  I hate to break this to you, but much, if not most, of what people do to “lose weight” and be healthier are the very things keeping them from reaching their goals.

If you are like me, time is precious and at a premium, so taking the time to research all there is to know about fitness is impractical.  The fastest, most fool-proof way to learn anything is to have the right coach guide you.  My underlying system of eating and exercise strategies are time-tested, proven in a high level medical setting and, yes, even seen on TV.

A seminar or consultation is worthless unless the lessons taught are applied in real life.  No one can break the cycle of bad eating habits and poor exercise choices through willpower alone.  The key to permanent weight control is to re-design your habits to make them work for you.  It truly is about your habits, not your weight.
A Fit & Funny Seminar can offer the same motivational techniques I would use if we were in a one-on-one session.  You will learn to re-design your thoughts, attitudes and poor behaviors about eating, motivation and exercise. You will learn to take control of new, positive habits for good in a shorter time and with far less personal struggle than you can imagine.

Real World Experience with Measurable Results:
I have been a professional speaker for over 20 years, with literally thousands of paid seminars.  These seminars have been on a wide variety of scary subjects, always tempered with stand-up quality humor delivered in good taste.

Since 2002, I have professionally focused on helping hospitals, corporations and individuals of all sizes find their permanent fitness and/or weight loss “groove”.   I have been the only fitness consultant for three major Texas Medical Center Hospitals (The Methodist, Hermann Memorial and University General Hospital’s) bariatric medical aftercare support groups for several years.  My methods are featured on The Learning Channel’s “Big Medicine” still seen VERY late night on Discovery Health.   Employees of large corporations to the smallest groups to individuals of every size have successfully used my methods.

Sample of Specialty Seminar Topics Available Also Include:
  • Travel Fitness and Weight Management for the Traveler
  • Stress Management
  • Dealing with Changing Times
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
Specialty Seminars for special issues (diabetes, heart disease, back health, sleep-- to name just a few titles)

Please email Austin for further information on availability and pricing!

Partial Client List...

Atwood Oceanics • B.P. • Chevron • Conoco Phillips • Dynegy • Enbridge Energy • ExxonMobil • Fugro • Memorial Hermann • Hospital Bariatric Support Group • Houston Independent School District • Lyondell • Marathon Oil • Methodist Hospital • Occidental Oil and Gas • Shell Oil