* Are your company’s health care costs rising?
* Would you benefit from reduced absenteeism?
* Do you know how to increase productivity and morale?

When you, your company, group, or organization has short or long term specific health and wellness concerns, Fit & Funny is here to help.  Whether you need a one time seminar, a once a month scheduled regular seminar series, need new policies and procedures, or if you need me to personally work with special at-risk populations, I can offer unique solutions.  If it is a job too big for just one person to manage, I call for back-up!

At Fit & Funny we have a full range of wellness professionals on call to handle any needs large or small.

After learning “how to” from me, we can accelerate you toward your goals from that point.  My back-up professionals can work with in tandem with me to guide companies of all sizes and industries in increasing productivity and morale, along with reducing sick days and health care claims.  A wide offering of comprehensive services also help employees understand their health status and biometric data while learning effective steps to improve their health.  Fit & Funny can work in conjunction with your existing health initiatives or create new programs tailored to your company’s needs.  Companies can see the resulting statistical data and learn how their health care claim numbers can improve.

Services include but not limited to:

On-site Health Screenings Executive/Annual Physicals
Company Assessments Home Assessments
Smoking/Tobacco cessation Ergonomics & Safety
CPR & AED Classes Health Competitions
Wellness Coaching Massage Therapy
Travel Vaccinations Flu Shots

For more information on any of these services and programs please contact me directly: